Amazons Perth Dragon Boat Club

Dragon boat paddling is the fastest growing team sport in the world, with over 35 different countries participating.

The boats are the world's largest flat water racing boats. A typical dragon boat holds up to 10 pairs of paddlers, a drummer and a sweep who steers the boat. Colourful, dynamic and exciting, dragon boat racing is full of spectacle and pageantry but above all else is fun!

Amazons Perth Dragon Boat Club was founded in 2000. We are a member group of BCNA (Breast Cancer Network Australia) and cater for breast cancer survivors and supporters through dragon boat paddling. We find the active, vigorous exercise of paddling enhances physical and emotional well being within a context of caring companionship.

Dragon boat racing for Pink Ladies has become a part of the world wide movement to raise cancer awareness and to better manage post-treatment for cancer survivors. 

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